Persistence Is Made Of This

Getting up the hill is not the job of the seemingly strongest or the most apparently able, it is the job of anyone who genuinely wants to get it all done in their own estimation. The only real loss in life is quitting after that final failure before success and winning. To my way of thinking success is made of persistence and variable approaches, including temporary loss.

All right, when you think of loss, what do you think of really? I think of people who quit too early and give up too rashly, I will not say “easily”. Because the hardest thing to do even if one is weak is to give up a genuine dream that one wants to become a reality.

Getting up the hill or mountain of success can be accomplished in many ways, but as United States President Calvin Coolidge put it, nothing takes the place of persistence. It does not matter how much talent you may have “under the hood”, or how strong you think you are. It is that two percent persistence that always gets you or anyone over in life and existence. Nothing can take the place of that “extra thing” that makes a great person great. Anything will not suffice for that last two percent of effort that makes greatness either.

Indeed, almost does not count except when you say and mean foolishness like “should have” and “would have”. When you are genuinely willing to do what it takes to genuinely succeed, you or anyone working at it in the certain right way is getting somewhere, and almost always somewhere good. Oh, you have Nero, Caesar, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger and Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone in the history books, but they are just glorified “I should have been good, but” and “I would have been good, but” and should not be emulated. A genuine trailblazer uses all they have productively and creatively, not one or the other or in a mistaken way. It takes a persevering consciousness that genuinely works at it in every way necessary to succeed as a soul, spirit and total being.

Persistence then, not so much talent, works it all out like slow water dripping on a stone and wearing it down versus quickly burning the stone and trying wearing it down that way. We can question and doubt greatness all we want, but everyone right down to God and nature themselves has to follow the one law to make things work and that is persistence.